"Dean is not so much a house as a home, full of imperfections, creaking stairs and leaky pipes, but Cas and Sam love him all the same because despite the rough exterior, despite the way the wind sneaks in through the cracks in the wood, Dean is still their home. Dean may have water stains on his ceilings and cobwebs in his corners, but he is still somehow whole. He is still the only home that either of them have ever really had. He's enough. He is shelter from the storm." -Anonymous on Dean Winchester




Hello, my name is Jasmine. Back in October I was admitted to a treatment center for anorexia nervosa. My stay lasted two months; luckily I was home for Christmas. However, the same can not be said for all the people I got to know there. I met a really lovely girl in treatment, who I am good…


The only way people pay attention to me on Tumblr is if I offend them.



There’s a difference between being a good man and a good father. John Winchester was a good man. He spent his entire life hunting the supernatural that posed a danger to the world. Risking and devoting his whole word to saving others, many would consider him a modern day hero. Of course, watching…



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Can we talk about Dean on the last gif?

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There comes a point where you just go, ‘Ultimately, I don’t really give a fuck any more

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one thing I will never understand is how normal people are unaffected by movies or books I mean when they watch a movie or finish a book they say “well that was a good movie/book” and they move on while I have an existentional crisis and question the whole universe